Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Won!!!!!

How great is this prize? Pretty great!!!!!! I just love the fabrics and can already see them in my Angel Story quilt. The floss looks and feels fabulous! I can't wait to try it.
I won it here.
You may also want to check out her website here.
Denise has some great patterns.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lookie what I won!

CJ had a drawing to all of us who were caught up with our Nearly Insane blocks. I WON! She sent me the cutest little bag she made along with such a pretty red & white fat quarter. I hope to use it in mext weeks block.
I finally finished this medallion for one of my UFO's I am trying to complete. The name of the quilt is called "Wildflower Sampler". I am burned out on blanket stitching. After I put this together with all the blocks I made for it, I have to put MORE flowers around the borders and blanket stitch those. ACK!!!!!!!

This is Block 77 of the Nearly Insane quilt. We have been on a streak of making easy blocks again. I am afraid to look tomorrow and see what CJ has planned for us.

This is block A-11 of my traditional Jane.

OK, I wasn't going to post the picture of this block. It is A-12 of traditional Jane. The seams are so off it isn't funny. I didn't really notice it until I have all the corners on it. I wasn't in the mood to start ripping so here it is. LOL! Look at it FAST.

This is block A-13 of traditional Jane. Again, look FAST. LOL!!!
I didn't take any pictures of the machine quilting class I took last week but Joy did. :)
I also took a class on Friday night at my sewing machine shop. It was a drivers license class to learn how to use their HQ16 on a frame or table. I really need to go practice more because there is no way I trust myself to do a quilt on it yet. I am able to rent the machine for $10 an hour to quilt my quilts when I am ready. It is really hard and I really have to praise all of you longarm quilters.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


This weeks DJ block C-11. Third time was the charm on this one and I still don't like it.

Block 84 of Nearly Insane. I don't like this one either. Maybe I should have stepped away from the sewing room this weekend.

I just received month 4 of my Rainbow Jane blocks. I decided to knock out all the triangles this weekend. The one above is TR-8. The one below is TR-9. On TR-9. I tried a zillion times to get that triangle on the top seams to match.

Ok, the one below I am naming the leaning tower of Jane. This block was not easy. I am thinking I could top off the top and try again.

There will be no sewing in my room today. I have machine quilting class at Timeless today taught by Ruth Blanchett. I have been looking forward to this for a long time. I hope to share pictures of what I learned later tonight.
It is going to be in the 90's today. This is just wrong!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dear Jane Progress Chart

I think I counted 107 blocks done.

Happy Easter

I finished April's calendar quilt Friday night (above) and a door quilt (below). I love things that can be done quick.
Last weekend I threw together this easy Easter table runner and was able to quilt it yesterday.
I was also able to finish 2 more Angel Story blocks. These gals just crack me up.

I have come to the decision that I am too overwhelmed with quilt projects and I am not enjoying the process anymore. I am sending several projects on vacation and have decided I need to work on just a few.

I am going to try to keep up with my Dear Jane, Rainbow Jane and Nearly Insane BOW's. I will also work on the Home is Where the Heart is BOM I started with Karene and Joy. I will also work on one hand project at a time. I decided to continue on with my Affairs of the Heart blocks. I have all the applique done on all 36 blocks but they all need extensive stem stitching on them. The machine project I am going to work on is the Wildflower Sampler. Everything else will be put in my UFO list. Everytime I knock out a project I will pull one from my UFO's. My ultimate goal is to have one piecing project and one hand project.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Caught up!

The third time was the charm on this Rainbow Jane triangle. I tried twice with the instructions that were given but I just have not mastered Y seams. I decided I needed to applique it and I think it turned out pretty good. If I knew how to hand piece I would have tried that. Now I have a little break before this months blocks ship. This is block 98 of Nearly Insane, a corner block.

Block M-2 of Dear Jane. A new block should be posted today and I will hopefully get it done and stay on top of this. As soon as it is done I will post a new progress chart.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Midnight Garden & Affairs of the Heart

I finished piecing my Midnight Garden quilt. I also got the backing and binding ready. I now am going to wait till after I take my machine quilting class to quilt this. Any ideas on how I should do this are welcome and needed.

These are the final 3 of 36 blocks of my Affairs of the Heart quilt. I now have to stem stitch gold accents on all 36 blocks. ACK! I am going to look at stitches on my sewing maching and see if I can cheat.

Six Honest Things About Myself

I was tagged by Lindsey so I thought I would play along.

Six Honest Things About myself.

1. I am the most unorganized clean person you will ever meet. I am very regimented in my cleaning chores and no playing or having fun of any kind will be done unless all the chores are done. House is spic and span, laundry clean, folded and ironed and car washed. However, I am VERY unorganized. Every year I try to organize drawers and closets but in a few months things are willy-nilly again. Don't even look in my fridge or pantry. They are clean, but messy. I keep hearing ads on the radio about a place called "The Container Store". I may have to drop by and see what kind of help they can give me.

2. I love getting up at an ungodly hour. I love enjoying my coffee and enjoying the day before it even starts.

3. I hate to dress up.

4. I hate showers. Not the rain ones, the bridal and baby ones. I guess it is because I have to dress up. (See #3) LOL

5. I hate shopping. Disclaimer: I LOVE SHOPPING if it is quilt related.

6. I hate driving. I guess when you commute 3hrs a day to and from work you grow to hate it.

OK, now I am going to tag a few people. Please do not feel obligated to answer.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yippeeeee, a finish (plus weekly stuff)

Here is my "Stars in the Garden" all finished. My mom already claimed it for her winter quilt.

Here are this weeks BOW's for my traditional Dear Jane.

This is block #1 of Nearly Insane. We are now officially a little over 25% done with this quilt.
I was able to do some major work today in my sewing room. I am about an hour away from finishing another UFO. I am hoping to get it done this Wednesday when my mini-spring break starts. I have vowed to bust at least 3 UFO's before I start anything else.