Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Jane's, Rainbows and BOM's

I was able to get this Rainbow Jane triangle done on Saturday. I have one more triangle to do to complete this months pack. It is TR7. My first two attempts ended in the garbage. I decided to try again next weekend. UGH!
Here is my traditional Jane's BOW. A-9.

I was able to put the final touches on my Tisket a Tasket block today.

I finished my Home is Where the Heart is BOM today. I started it 3 weeks ago and worked on it a little at a time. Now it is time to make a date with Joy and Karene to start on April's block.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Nearly Insane Block 42 & 42ish

The top block is made the way I meant it to. The bottom one was supposed to be exactly the same until I ran out of the darker red fabric. DOH!!! I found a decent match but then I sewed it wrong. DOH!!! Each 6" block has 120 pieces. INSANE!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Jane Weekend

I spend Saturday and Sunday morning working on my Rainbow Jane blocks. I have 2 left in this batch which I hope I can get done before the next set comes in.

This was last week's Traditional Jane block. I don't like how I can see through the bottom fabric so I may redo that portion and use a pieces of muslin to make it thicker.

I was able to finish this little thing during the week on my lunch hour.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Prep day

I spent several hours prepping hand work yesterday and today. Yesterday I went to Joy's house and we fused our "Home Is Where The Heart Is" BOM. It is amazing how long one block takes to put together. Now I have the chore of blanket stitching it. I just hope I can get it done before April rolls around the corner.

Today I prepped another "Angel's Story", "Tisket Tasket", "Christmas Wish" and the last three "Affairs of the Heart" blocks. My hands are numb from cutting and ironing a zillion small pieces. I still have the medallion to prep on my "Vintage Valentine". I just don't think I have that in me for a few weeks.

I think I have reached my max on projects. I feel like putting everything away and work on one project until it is finished. OK, maybe one hand and one machine. Well, maybe one applique, one stitchery, one machine pieced, my Dear Jane, my Nearly Insane. HELP!!!!!!!! No wonder I came down with Shingles last month.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Another Wall Hanging

I was able to also finish putting together my March wall hanging tonight. They look really cute in the kitchen.

Nearly Insane Block 90 & Dear Jane TR8

Another nice and easy corner block this week. I was warned that next weeks block will be a killer.
This Dear Jane block was all reverse applique. ACK! It looks better in person than in the photo. What was that saying about a running horse and not noticing? Joy?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekly Stuff.

Block 7 of Nearly Insane.
Dear Jane block H-10
I started these little stitcheries about a month ago. I just think they are so fun to look at. I kept seeing them throughout Blogland and I knew I had to make them. These are the blocks that go into Month 1. I haven't picked out the coordinating fabrics yet. I figure I can make all the stitcheries and then decide on fabric.

Month 3 of Veranda Views
March's Country Calendar. Next week I hope to sash this and get it on the wall.
I bought this stitchery from Rose. She was kind enough to ship it to the states. Now I have to search my stash and see if I can come up with the border fabric. I may have to hit a quilt shop, darn. I am planning on sending this off to my cousin at Christmas.

Rainbow Jane Month 2

Here is my Rainbow Jane month 1 & 2. I love how Anina has us start putting the quilt top together as we have enough blocks. This will make it much more pleasant at the end of the process. I am going to have to start doing this with my tradition Jane.

This one did not come out like it was supposed to but I kinda liked it and I wasn't doing it again.

Why can't I get my circles round?

This one is a bit wonky but it is mine. LOL!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Finishes

Block 12 of "Midnight Garden is now in the finished pile. Now the fun of making the 2" sashing squares start.
The quilting and binding are finally finished on my Saturday Sampler quilt. It is March 1st and I already have a finish. The quilting on it is great! I took it to a local shop with a longarm and paid to have it done. I really love the flannel back I made for this. It is a marble heavy flannel and it looks great. The binding was finished today by my mom. Thanks mom!! XOX

Here is this weeks "Nearly Insane" block. We got to do another corner block and this one was a piece of cake. I fear a hard one is coming soon. I just hope it's not next weekend. (I think I just jinxed myself)
These are this weeks Dear Jane BOW's. H-7 and K-1
I hope you all have a great week! XOXOX