Sunday, June 26, 2011

This and That

OK, I bought another pattern. Yes, I said that I would not buy anymore for a while but.................... I don't have a patriotic quilt. Everyone needs a patriotic quilt. Right? RIGHT!
I just think this is too adorable. I got mine here. This will soon be a BOM kitted too. That makes me happy since I don't have a stash. ( I don't count Civil War fabrics stash)
Who needs to start another hand project? Not me! I had this Vignette magazine sent all the way from Australia a few months ago. I just had to see what the hype was all about. I again swore I wouldn't buy anymore since the postage is not cheap coming from overseas. Well, Daisy Cottage Quilting is carrying them along with the fabric and floss. How could I resist??? I didn't! I adore Australian patterns. Leanne Beasley is one of my favorite designers too.

This project is going to be a LONG one. Lots of detail.
I did manage to finish the top to one hand project. This is "Tis The Season". It's a nice small wall hanging that I will use during the holidays. I did not plan to set the blocks this way but that's how they came out. I swear, I un-sewed more on this little quilt than any other I have done. I don't like the red and the way I placed it but I am not un-sewing anything else. I hope to get this pin basted and quilted soon to get it off my list.
Only 5 klosjes this week. I decided that Klosjes will only be made during my lunch hour at work. 278 done!
I also make this weeks "Civil War" BOW.
Here are two other "Civil War" catch up blocks.

That's it! I made appointments with my sewing room this weekend and it worked. I got in 2hrs a day three days in a row. I need to start doing that more often.

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

This Weeks Progress

I just couldn't stand it anymore. I kept seeing this block a week on so many blogs that I had to join in. I know I didn't need another project. Doesn't that make me a true quilter? LOL!
I am going to try to stay current and do one extra block a week until I catch up. This is week #1.
This is this weeks block, #25.
During the week I finished month 5 of "Kitchen Fairies". I am going to wait until I get all of the months blocks before I start putting the other elements together. I want it as scrappy as I can.
Only 7 klosjes this week.
I thought I was going to have my stitch-along blocks ready to show you but when I looked at the picture, I noticed one row was sewn on upside down. I swear, I have un-sewed on this little wall hanging more than any other project.

That's it for this week. Hopefully next weekend I can fix the stitch-along blocks and add the sashing and borders.

Have a great week!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gifts & BOM's

I have been dying to look at Bonnie Hunter's Scraps & Shirttails books every since I have been seeing the great scrappy quilts that are coming from them. Ranette was so sweet that she sent me "Scraps & Shirtails II" as a gift. I went so crazy over it that she sent me "Scraps & Shirtails". What a doll!!! So far I bought the 2 pieces of fabric that are on the right of the books and Ranette sent me the fabrics on the bottom. I never in a million years thought I would want to collect this type of fabric but that is all I want now. LOL!! Of course CW Reproductions are still my favorite. ;) I keep eying my bosses work shirts and checking the fiber content. I already informed his wife that she is never to give his old shirts away to anyone but me. LOL!
I received the fabric that I cut wrong last week so on Friday evening I was able to finish month 5 of "Civil War Tribute".
On Saturday I was able to get month 6 done and now I am all caught up. I thought about doing month 7 blocks today but I was burned out on HST's.
Twenty more "Klosjes" added this week to bring the total to 265. I was thinking I would start sewing them together into blocks.
That's it! I prepped a couple of applique BOM's that I have been neglecting so hopefully I can have those done next week.

Have a great week!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Civil War Chronicles - Month 6

I was able to get this months "Civil War Chronicles" blocks for June done this morning. This is the half way mark to getting this top done. I thought I would get month 5 of Civil War Tribute done this weekend too but I cut wrong and now have to wait for replacement fabric. DOH!!! At least I have all the major components done and as soon as my fabric arrives it should be a breeze to put together. 10 more klosjes to add to my collection. This brings the total to 245. :)
I also have been working on my Bonnie Hunter quilt. This is from her book "Leaders and Enders" and it called, Blue Ridge Beauty. I am in love with Bonnie's books and am now hoarding scraps. I have only been working on this as a leader and ender project. The left tub is 2" blue squares, the middle is 2" light squares and the right tub are sewed blue and light patches. Once I am done I will turn them into four patches. One day I am just going to sit and sew, sew, sew them all together. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I want to do every quilt in her books.
Have a great week everyone!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Civil War Chronicles - Month 5

May's "Civil War Chronicles" BOM called for 16 corner blocks. Once the corner blocks were done I was able to add it to the April blocks and then add to the body of the quilt. I love how you can put the quilt together as you go.
I have 20 more klosjes to add to the collection. My total is up to 235. :)
That's it!

Can you believe I posted on a Friday? LOL!!!