Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekly Review

It was a LONG work week for me but I did manage to steal some time in my sewing room yesterday afternoon and this morning. I made the last 2 blocks from the first row of Sylvia's Bridal Sampler. I will now wait for Joy to catch up before I proceed with row B. The first block I had to draw in EQ so I could paper piece it. I tried doing it the way the book wanted to, after an hour and a heap of a mess, I turned to EQ.

Here are all the blocks for the first row. We plan on getting a row a month done but I think it will be more like a row every 2 months. We both have a lot on our plate right now so we shall see. I am thinking about attaching these with the sashing strips now and save all that labor at the end.
I also knocked out 7 more 9-patches for the 9-patch a day challenge.
In the evenings I worked on "Catalicious BOM". Here are May and June's block. All caught up!! :)

Does anyone want the pattern below?? I received it as a gift from a shop I ordered from. I won't use it so if anyone wants it for their collection just let me know. When I am on vacation I will go through all my patterns/books that I don't want and have a give-away. Stay tuned in July.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Still Hate Y-Seams!

I got 3 more of Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks done this weekend. I have 2 more to do and I will have the first row done. I will then put it away and wait for Joy to catch up. Psssst....Joy.....Please take your time.

The first one I was able to avoid the Y-seams that the book had you doing.
This next one has the dreaded Y-Seams. It is slightly wonky on the bottom but it is done.
The next one had curved seams and applique. I decided to avoid the curved seams by using Misty Fuse and doing a blanket stitch.
I also finished July's "Tisket a Tasket block". Yes, this also has a wonky handle. I would hate to disappoint you all. LOL!
I was also able to get 2 quilts pinned today using the table at the quilt shop. The next 2 weekends will be spent quilting. This is when I wish I had room for an HQ16 setup.

Have a great week!!!

OOPS.... I forgot to add the seven scrappy red/white 9-patches to my accomplishments. I am all caught up with the challenge of one a day till end of summer.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

More misc. projects

I finished 2 tops that I started a few years ago. I passed them on to Joy who will quilt them to donate to the crisis center. 2 UFO's off my list. WOO HOO!! Daisy and Linda were trying to help me iron one of them. Below is June's calendar redwork BOM.
Here is July's wonky handled Tisket a Tasket block. I told ya I wouldn't disappoint this week. I think this is the wonkiest one to date. LOL
Today I went to my good friend Ellen's house for a sew-in. It was so nice to be with the girls. I was able to get three more Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks done. 5 down, 135 to go. LOL My goal is to do a row at a time and start putting them together as I go.
I also fused 8 more Blooming Flowers blocks. All the flowers are done, I now have to begin stitching them on.
7 more 9-patches were also knocked out for the summer nine patch a day project. I am caught up till tomorrow.
I hope you all have a HAPPY, HEALTHY, QUILTY week.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Random Stuff (Lots of it)

A started a new project. Well, I started 3 new projects. Please do not call the quilt police. I still promise to finish 12 UFO's this year. This is the book..............This is the project from the book.................
Here are the 8 blocks I made so far. I am going to make the other 8 before I start stitching them. I can then sit in front on my machine like a zombie and do the blanket stitch dance. This way I can hopefully not have to change the thread colors as often.
This is the next project I started. This will be a LONG term project that I am doing with my friend, Joy. We are planning on doing one block a week. I started last week but forgot to post a picture. Here is the book.........
Here are my first two blocks. We are going to try to go in order but may stray from that idea when we get to a difficult block. Those we may want to do together. I am doing mine is blue, yellow and creme. Joy is doing hers in black and brights. I can't wait to see her first 2 blocks. (hint, hint, Joy)
The last project I started is another one I am doing with Joy. It is the "Summer nine-patch project" You do one nine patch a day until the end of summer. At the end of summer you will have 92 nine patches made. We will then get together and figure out how we are going to put them together. It will either be a gift for someone or a donation quilt for out charity group. I am using my red/white leftovers from my Insane-ish quilts. Next week I will reverse the colors.

Here are June's "Gardener's Journal" stitcheries. Now I need to get them put together. If only us Quilters could be given an extra day every week.
Here are my wonky handled "Tisket Tasket" blocks I did this week. These are not quite as wonky but you should see next weeks block, I will not disappoint. LOL!

I had this quilt kit in my closet for 2 years. I bought it to make for my cousin who lives in New Mexico. She collects Angels and I thought this would be perfect to add to her collection. Well, I am going to New Mexico next month so the rush is on to get it done. Last weekend I put it together, which was really easy. I wanted to send it out to be quilted but decided to be frugal and do it myself. I think my cousin would like it better knowing I did the whole thing myself. I bought the backing and will pin it this week and hopefully work on it the next 2 weekends. Any quilting ideas will be appreciated. HELP!!
Last but definitely not least. Look what I won from Cindy. I LOVE reproduction fabrics so these make me really happy. I plan on using 2 of the charm packs for my Dear Jane quilt that needs to come out of hiding soon. The other 2 are destined to be a Schnibble, I just need to figure out which Schibble woud work best. I pray that you all have a happy, healthy, quilty week.