Sunday, April 28, 2013

End of the Month

I can't believe the month is already over.   There are still two days but those are work days so they don't count.  LOL     I finished everything on my list.  BARELY.   Two things on my list are BOM's from Homestead Hearth.   Both came just in time but both were missing fabric.   FRUSTRATING!!!   This happens with them more than I can count.  This time I just dug thru the stash and replaced what I needed.  

 Here is this months "Four Star Generals".   It went together fairly easy and quick.

 Joy came over on Saturday and we worked on "Ode to the 30's".   Here are the two 9" blocks we chose to work on this month.   I should have taken pictures of hers too.  Ugh!  

Next up is this months "Crossroads" blocks.  This may be my favorite quilt I have going on right now.  I wish I had just kitted this myself and just work on it till it is finished.  

During the week I finished 7 more baskets (no picture) and another "Sweet and Simple" block.  This is number 14 of 30.   Sorry about the poor picture quality.  

This months mystery clue for the Silver Thimble Mystery from Fatquarters came early so I got a head start.  I need to make 80 - 3 1/2" 9 patches.  Here are the 40 I put together today.  I can't wait to see what this quilt looks like.  So far I am really happy with the pieces we are making.  
That's it for this weekend.  

I have shortened my list for the month of May.  I am not even sure I will be able to get this list done.   I have decided that I really need to organize my house.  I have MANY things that still need to be donated that were my moms and I am ready to do that.  I want to simplify!  This may take me several months but it won't get done unless I make a start.  Once I am organized I will be more productive.  

May Quilt list

 1) Prep baskets.  ( I need 40 more)
 2) Silver Thimble Mystery (40 more 9 patches)
 3) Take apart the three rows of Dear Jane that I started several years ago and re-make the blocks that I      don't like and put together row A.
4) 2012 Mystery -  Make last block and finish top and piece backing.
5) Charming Addition Gift.  ( Piece at least 6 more rows)
6) Jo's Little Woman Club.   (Make one mini)
7) Cheddar Bow Ties.  (work on when all items above are completed)

I wish you all a wonderful, productive, healthy week.  


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Charming Addition Day

Today was dedicated to sewing on the two Charming Addition quilts I am making.  
The first one was started in December and is set to be finished in November.  I put on three more rows today.  It is a king size so I have to fold it in half in order for it to fit in the picture .  
Why do kitties always insist on helping you out?

This one was started last month and it is a full size and will be for a birthday gift this September.   I did another seven rows on this one.  
Notice a kitty on the prowl to mess this one up too.  
During the week I finished block 13 of Sweet and Simple.    
I finished sewing 25 more baskets this month.  (no picture)  That brings my total to 250 of 300 needed. I prepped another 10 baskets and 1 Sweet and Simple block so I should be set for hand stitching for the week.

That's it for this weekend.  I have two more things on my list for April that I am hoping to get to next weekend.  That is if Homestead Hearth would get them in the mail.  Grrrrrrrrrrr

Have a great week everyone!  

Sunday, April 14, 2013

This Weeks Accomplishments

 I was chipping away at my goal list again this weekend.   

First up:  Jo's Little Woman Club 
This one has 180  1.5" HST's, which turn into 45 pinwheels.  

Next up was this months "Designer Mystery"block from Fat Quarter Shop.  Next month will be the last block and then I can finish putting it all together and add the borders.  

Joy was too sick to come over last weekend to work on "Ode to the 30"s" so we decided to be on our own this month.   These are the four blocks we chose to make.

I also finished my fourth "It's Raining Cats and Dogs" block last night. 

That's it for this weekend.   
Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

More progress

Beth came over Saturday and we picked up where we left off last weekend and worked on our Dear Jane blocks.   The plan is to do ten blocks a month.  Here are my ten blocks for April. Next month I am taking apart the three rows I put together several years ago and taking out the blocks I don't like and remaking them.  

After I finished my last Jane block I made this months "Women's Voices" BOM.  It was refreshing to make such big easy blocks.  

I even had time to make this months Country Threads BOM.   More nice and easy blocks.

After work I like to hand stitch.  Here are two more "Sweet and Simple" blocks I finished from the last two weeks.   

Today (Sunday) I only had time to one "Sweet and Simple" and one "It's Raining Cats and Dogs" blocks.  Those, along with my baskets I have prepped should keep me busy for a few weeks on my lunch hour and before bed.

Well, that's it this week.   A few more things off my list.  

I hope every one has a great week!