Sunday, September 16, 2012

Where has the time gone.  I was going to try to keep up my Sunday night posts but time keeps whizzing by way too fast.

This morning I was able to finish the borders on my Saltbox Sampler.  This was one of few quilts that the borders actually measured what the pattern said it would.

I am all caught up with Fat Quarters Mystery BOM.  This easy block gave me fits.  Sometimes the easier blocks give me more grief than the ones with a zillion pieces.

I finished the embroidery and applique on block 3 of "Merry Merry Snowmen".  

Ranette and I decided that we are going to copy Temecula Quilt Company's new BOM and use our stash.  We are doing the Civil War Diary quilt in 6" and 3" versions.   We are going to shoot for a block a week.   

Joy, Ranette and I decided to join in the new online BOW.  It's called Grandmother's Choice.   I am going to keep my blocks simple and use two colors only per block.

Joy also challenged me to finish my Farmer's Wife.  I am going to try to get one done per week.  I have designated Friday to work on all my block of the weeks.   Here are the last two I did. 

Joy also challenged me to finish last years. Civil War block of the week.  I saved all the files before they disappear and got busy.  

I am all caught up with my "Comfort and Joy" BOM.  Next month I start the borders.  It looks like this may be finished before Christmas.  

Well, that's it so far.   I am going to try to keep up with my Sunday evening updates so I don't get too far behind.   

I hope everyone has a great week!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

BOM Progress

Another Sunday night.  I can't believe how fast the week just flew by.  I have a long week ahead of me at work but the light at the end of the tunnel is a three day weekend.  I am taking another small things class at the Orange Quilt Bee this Saturday.  I really liked the class the last time I took it.  Gretchen is a great instructor.  She really knows how to work with those teeny tiny blocks.  Did you know if you talk to them they go into place better?  Well, it works for her!  LOL

First up this week is "Welcome Home"  I put together block number 8 and added it to the rest.  There is only one block left but it's big and crazy.  I can't wait to get it in the mail and get this done.  It's a real challenge working with homespuns.

You can't see this very well but it is the very top of the "In The Meadow" quilt.  I would work on this every night after work for about a half an hour.  Now I wait for the next installment to get mailed to me.

I got a few more baskets done this week on my lunch hour plus my friend kindly mailed me a few of hers that she had duplicated.   I sure hope she accidentally duplicates more.  LOL

I did block 3 of the "Designer Mystery" BOM from 2011.  Here is what I have so far.  They make me happy to look at.
 I also did block three of the "Designer Mystery" from 2009.   I just love how the patterns are written, they go together with no problems.

Have you seen this book?   It has a LOT of cute things inside.  I just love when a book has more than one pattern I want to make. 

The first one I am going to attempt is this one.

 Here is what I did today.   This should go together fairly quick and the pattern seems to be also written very well.
Well, that's it for this week.    I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

More Summer Sewing

It is still too hot to do anything but sew.   
Yesterday my friend Beth came over and we sewed and prepped all day.  We put all our backgrounds together for "Merry Merry Snowmen" and even prepped two blocks.   I should have taken a picture of the huge mess we made doing this.  Is it possible to prep and sew neatly?   We even got to virtually sew using Facetime with our friend Ranette, who is working on the same project.  We had a great afternoon, it felt like she was with us.   After Ranette logged off we checked to see if Bonnie Hunter was sewing on her live webcam.  She was!!!   It was so great to sew with Beth in person and Ranette and Bonnie virtually.
 I prepped more baskets during the week at lunch.  I am up to nine.  Hey, that means there are only 291 to go.  LOL!!  
 After I cleaned up today I decided to start a new BOM that I got in the mail this week.   I swore I wouldn't sign up for any more BOM's but I just couldn't resist.

Here it is!   I received the fabric for the very top of this border.   I prepped all the letters and fused them to the fabric.  I stitched two letters and called it a day.  I left my machine setup downstairs so maybe I will stitch a letter or two after work every night.
I also did an inventory of all my WIPS & UFO's.    Let's just say that I have a serious case of quilters A.D.D.     I am going to try to not start anything new for a while.

Did you all notice I finally got a design wall???   How did I live this long without it???

I wish you all a great week!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

What do you do when it's too hot to go out

Summer has finally hit Southern California and I don't like it.  Anything over 75 degrees is just too hot for me.   
I finished all the stitchery for the current issue of the Vignette In Stitches Mystery this week.  I put the two blocks together this morning.  I didn't finish the date on the second block because I am not sure if this is getting finished this year or next.  I am leaning towards next year, especially since I haven't even tackled that center medallion.  

                                                    Here are all the parts I have finished.
                          I also finished this months Mystery Block from the Fat Quarter Shop.
                                              Here are the first three blocks put together.
What's with all these bright fabrics?  I am having reproduction withdrawals. 

Sewing machine is now put away and time to get ready for the work week.  :(   
I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The last of the finishes

I finally finished binding all of my quilted tops.  The first one is a little twister wall hanging I made a few weeks ago while I was quilting with friends.  One of my friends was making this same quilt and she had some extra squares left over that she gave me.  
                                            The quilting matches the flowers on the border.  
 This is another wall hanging I finished recently.  It is from Primitive Gatherings.  I changed the pieced blocks because the one in the pattern called for a zillion tiny pieces in a 5" block.  I honestly tried to make the blocks but they just kept coming out terrible and I was about to throw the quilt out of the window.  LOL  I changed the block and am much happier with the result.
 The next is a lap sized quilt that I made in an afternoon.  It took me longer to bind it than piece it.  LOL  I wanted this to hang over my couch in the summer.
 The quilting is very patriotic too, it has swirls and stars.
 The last one I have to show you is my favorite.  It is called "Farm Fresh".   I really love how this came out.   I took several close up pictures to show you all the quilting.  I think it turned out great!

                                               My initials are even put on the shovel.

                                               I just love all the detail my quilter (and friend) put in this.
Well, that's it for the finishes.  I am going to try to get back to showing my weekly progress on current projects next week.  

Have a blessed week!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

More Finishes

I think before I start posting my current projects I will post more finishes.  
I just finished the binding on this last night.  I was a little late for the 4th of July but at least it is still summer.   This BOM is called "Start Spangled Celebration".   I used fusible with machine and hand appliqué.   I wish you could see the detail in the quilting, the photo's don't do it justice.

 Look how cute Ms. Liberty's cheeks are.
 This next BOM is called "Kitchen Capers".   Again, the photo's don't do the quilting justice.  I wanted to hang this in my kitchen but I over estimated the size and it is too big.

 The next three are for my mini collection.

I should have two more finishes next weekend if I can get the bindings sewn on.  

I hope you all have a great week!