Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Finish!

I sent my "Berry Picking Party" off to be quilted by C.J. I mailed it on a Monday and ten days later it was back in my arms. She did a fabulous job quilting this! I just LOVE it. The pantograph she recommended is just perfect and so are the stitches. All that needs to be done is a label and it will be ready for its new home.

No sewing took place at my house this weekend. :( I did get some fabrics together for a quilt I will be doing with Ranette and Joy. I am going to do mine in red, blue Civil War's and light shirtings. Here is a picture of the quilt.............

I did everything on my February To-Do list. I started working on my "Vintage Valentine" UFO. I prepped 104 applique pieces and will start the stitching process tonight.

Here is my March To-Do list:

1) 1- "Kitchen Fairy" block
2) 5- "Sylvia's Bridal Sampler" blocks
3) 5- "Farmer's Wife" blocks
4) 20 - Klosjes
5) Month 3 of "Civil War Chronicles"
6) Month 3 of "Civil War Tribute"
7) Work on "Blue Ridge Beauty" leader & ender project
8) 1- "Baltimore Bunny"
9) 1- "Lovebird Lane" block
9) Cut & label "Cracked Pots"

UFO to work on: Vintage Valentine

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Catching up with my February list.

It looks like I have accomplished most of my February list. I still need to work on my Leaders & Enders pieces and then I can start working on an old UFO, "Vintage Valentine".

These blocks are month 2 of "Civil War Tribute" I was in HST hell!

EDIT: YIKES! The top two rows on the top two blocks are turned upside down. Thank you Monica for letting me know. I will fix that next weekend.

This is month 6 of "Baltimore Bunnies"
I also did F-9 of "Sylvia's Bridal Sampler". I then attached it to the rest of the rows I have made.
I finished another 10 Klosjes as my lunch hour project. I am up to 55. I will wait until I have 200 to see how many more I will make.
These are the 5 blocks I planned on doing this month on "Farmer's Wife"

I am also going to start attaching the rows as I go.
Last, but not least. Here is my helper, Linda. She managed to get some quilt blocks to cover her this morning and took a nap.
I hope to have a finish to show you all next week. I sent a quilt out to C.J. and all I have to do is attach the binding. I may sneak that in during the week.

I want to again wish all of you a great week. Stay safe! Stay healthy! Be Happy!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

I am the luckiest girl this Valentine Day. Look at the surprise I found in my mailbox this past week. Carrie made me a special card and a Valentine Lavender Sachet. It is so adorable!! She also sent me a fat quarter and some chocolate. YUM! Thank you so much Carrie! You are the best!! You can head over to Carrie's blog and enter to win one of these special gifts.
I managed to finish my "Civil War Chronicles" blocks for February. These took a LOT of time. They measure 16 1/2" each.
I finished another "Baltimore Bunny" block too.
On my lunch hour I managed to get another 10 klosjes done. These are really the perfect portable project.
On to "Sylvia's Bridal Sampler". I am supposed to get 5 done this month. I managed to get 4 done this morning and I prepped the 5th one to do by hand. I am hoping to get the hand one done this week and add it to the others to finish another row. You can see my progress by clicking on the Frog on the upper right corner of my Blog.

That's all for this week. The month is about half gone and I am about half into my to-do list. Yay!

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day. Be sure to have a safe, healthy, happy, crafty week!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Weekend in February

The weekend was a bust as far as getting my quilt on. I managed a few hours this morning to cut and put together about 64 of 128 HST's that I need for my "Civil War Tribute" BOM. I hope to get the other 64 HST's and get the four blocks together next weekend. I also have block 2 of "Civil War Tribute" cut and hope that next weekend they will take shape. I also prepped another "Baltimore Bunny" BOM to hand stitch during the week.

On my lunch hours at work I stitched all 10 of my Klosjes I prepped last weekend. I also prepped another 10 to do this week. This is the perfect portable project for work. I think that next weekend I will prep a "Dear Jane" block and see how that goes. If I get the knack of this hand stitching thing maybe my Jane will get finished.
I also finished my first "Kitchen Capers" BOM. I was going to add the other elements to it but I noticed that I didn't have enough of a variety of fabrics. I am going to wait until I receive all packs and then put the other elements of the block together.
That's all I have for the week. :( I sure hope I have more time next weekend. This work thing just isn't helping me. LOL! I really thought the city of Los Angeles should have taken a "snow day" to sympathize for all of our brothers and sisters on the east coast.

Have a happy, heathy, safe, crafty week.