Sunday, July 14, 2013


Hi Friends!

I finally finished the few home improvement projects I had planned.   A few new floors and a lot of paint happened here.  

I am back to sewing on my free time.  I was fortunate to have two weeks off from work so I was able to reacquaint myself with my sewing machine.

I finished one the "Charming Addition" quilts I started a few months ago.  This will be for a gift for my friends father.   I made the backing but am waiting to quilt it.  I am going to be taking a longarm quilt class and then I can rent one of the machines she has.
I also caught basket fever.  We are supposed to make one basket a day in the month of July.  I am up to this Tuesday.   I will soon be behind since I only sew on the weekend.

These are little applique blocks from "Fit to Frame" #6.  I plan on making all twelve blocks and framing them for my future sewing room.

The next three are from "Ode to 30's"   Joy and I are on a mission to finish this quilt by the end of the year.  

I also decided to start working on "Rainbow Jane" again.  I am planning on 10 blocks a month until she is done.  Here is my progress so far.

I also made an entire wall hanging that I forgot to take a picture of.  I dropped it off yesterday to be quilted so I won't be able to share until I get it back.

Well, that's all I have.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!