Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Replace or Quit

I came to the decision that I just don't have the patience or skill to do a lot of the Nearly Insane blocks. Some of them are just not fun. I have a hate, hate, detest relationship with inset seams. I would rather go to the gym and run on the treadmill for an hour than do an inset seam. LOL! The blocks below are replacements for block #31. I made the one on the right first, which looks closer to the original. I tried to replicate it but after many hours all attempts were thrown in the trash. Instead I came up with the one on the left. I took it from the Dear Jane software and made it in 30 minutes. Ahhhh, fun again. This will be the first of many replacement blocks I will make. The block below is a real Nearly Insane block. FUN!
The blocks below are for my "Applique Affair" quilt in flannels and wool. I finished prepping all the blocks and now I just have to sit and sew.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


The block above measures 6" finished and has 109 pieces. INSANITY!!!
The block below measures 6" finished and has 40 pieces.
Below are more wool blocks from my "Applique Affair" quilt. All 20 border blocks are done and 11 center blocks.

My Daisy has recovered from her back pain. Now it is my Mindy that needs surgery. UGH! She has a tumor the size of a golf ball under her front arm that needs to come out after Christmas.

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy week.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009

More UFO madness

The block above is #54 of my Nearly Insane block. It made me insane and it is one of the easier blocks on the quilt. This weeks block had a zillion pieces so I put it off until I go on vacation.
The block above and below is my "Home is Where the Heart is" BOM. I am making these into wall hangings and I was able to get December's block quilted, bound and hung today. I am making this project the next UFO I am going to bust. I have 10 of the other months ready to sandwich and 1 ready to stitch.
The blocks below belong to my "Applique Affair" BOM. This one is done with a flannel back round and wool applique pieces. These are the border blocks. I need to make a total of 20 of these. 16 down, 4 to go. :) There are 25 center blocks of which I have 10 done, 3 prepped and 12 to go.
This little furry creature is Daisy. She is 99% better!!! I just have to make sure she doesn't do anything to get her spine out of whack. Try telling that to a 6yr old. UGH!!!
I hope you all have a Happy, Healthy week!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nearly Insane Block 85

49 pieces and 6" INSANITY!

I was also able to get 7 wool blocks prepped this weekend. Slowly but surely the UFO's are getting worked on.

I had a scare with one of my dogs. She has been diagnosed with degenerative disk disease. I was fortunate that medication was able to get her up and moving. Now I have to make sure that she doesn't run or jump too much so she doesn't re-injure herself. Next time it could mean neurosurgery. :(

I hope you all have a healthy, happy week.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Who Stole October??

I am not sure what happened with October. It just flew on by! I have been in my sewing room when I get the chance. I even went over to The Orange Quilt Bee 3 Sundays in a row to be able to sew with my friends. I was able to pin/quilt the red work Christmas quilt that I started last year. This weekend I was able to finish up my September and October "Home Is Where The Heart Is" BOM. We are supposed to get together at Joy's house the day after Thanksgiving to get started on November and December blocks. Next year I plan on turning them into monthly wall hangings. 201o will be the year of the UFO!

The next 2 blocks are the final ones for my "An Angel's Story" quilt. I need to start cutting the sashing squares and start putting them all together. These gals just crack me up!!! I hope to get this one pinned and quilted next.

The next 5 are my weekly "Nearly Insane" blocks. I am now only 1 week behind. WOO HOO!! I decided that I am going to keep working on these as a weekly block and I put away all my Jane's. My goal is to not have any UFO's left. I want to work on one weekly block project and one other project ONLY at a time. Is this possible??? We shall see.

I hope to be able to keep up with weekly posts again and get caught up on my Blog reading too! I hope you all have a healthy, happy week.

Keep on stitching!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Nearly Insane Block 31

This was the only thing I was able to finish all weekend. I am making an appointment this weekend with my sewing room and locking myself in.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Where has the time gone?????

I can't believe it has been 2 weeks since my last post. Unfortunately, I don't have that much to show for it. I have a lot of things prepped, but that is about it.

I did manage to get in last weeks Nearly Insane block, which is pictured above. I still haven't done the week before that. It has a bazillion Y seams!! I decided I am not going to stress over it and just replace the block with another. :)

I took a class at the Orange Quilt Bee yesterday. It was called Whimsy Cats. I was able to learn the Buggy Barn technique of cutting, swapping and sewing back together. Thank goodness for the class and the excellent teacher. I would have never done this on my own without un-sewing every piece. I was able to get 2 cats almost done. All I have to do is add whiskers and eyes.

Hopefully I will be more productive soon!

I hope you all have a healthy, happy, safe week.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rainbow Blocks

The colors are really off on these. I had to use my phone to take the pictures again this week due to computer issues. I have resolved my issues and hopefully next week will have better images.

These are the final 2 Rainbow Jane blocks that I had to make for August. Next weekend I hope to have time to put them together.

That was all I had time to do this weekend. I am hoping with a 4 day weekend coming up that I will be able to really catch up on some UFO's.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

More Rainbows another Insane and a stitchery

This insane block wasn't too bad. I was warned that the next one will be a doozy. YIKES!

My laptop crashed and I haven't re-loaded my photoshop yet so my images haven't been cropped. I didn't want to re-load all my software until I am sure this windows setup is stable. I need to get a card reader for my new Mac so I can just do it from there. I love my Imac! As soon as this laptop takes its final breath, a new Macbook will find its way to me. :)
I need to re-do those melons. I just didn't have it in me this weekend. I was starting to get Jane'd out. I think it is time to knock out an easy quilt.
This is a little "Bareroots" stitchery for September. I did this a few weeks ago but was waiting for my personal binder to finish it. ;)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rainbow Jane, Insane, Angel Story and a Finish!

My mother (my personal binder) finished my "Midnight Garden" quilt this week. I was able to get the quilting done on my vacation. It was so much easier using my new machine.
This is month 10 on my "Angel's Story" quilt. I think this is going to be adorable when it is finished.
This is my weekly "Nearly Insane" block. I get dizzy looking at it. LOL!
I received my "Rainbow Jane" package Thursday so I got started right away. I was able to knock out 5 of them this weekend.

I also started another embroidery project but it is still too early to share any pictures. ;)

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy week.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekly Report.

Nearly Insane Block 26.
Above is my Country Calendar for August.
I finally took my embroidery unit out of the box and tried it out, thanks to Betsy. I had a blue towel that I bought last spring so I made this bunny towel for Easter. This was so fun to make that I ran out and bought 2 orange towels that I will embroider on next weekend.

I made this quilted tote with charms that I had on hand. It will be great to tote projects to quilt class.

Next week I am hoping to show an actual quilt finish. (crossing fingers)

I hope everyone has a healthy and happy week.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Catching up!

Here are the last 2 wool blocks that I finished. I am now all caught up and will await the next BOM shipment.

I was also able to finish the July & August "Home Is Where The Heart Is" BOM. I decided to make these wall hangings. Now I have to find time to quilt these so I can hang them up monthly next year.

I forgot to post my July "Country Calendar" wall hanging. I think August's block posted today so I better get on that ASAP.
The next 4 are my Nearly Insane blocks. I vow to NEVER get that far behind again.