Saturday, January 31, 2009

I started a new free stitchery from Willowberry Designs. I swore to myself that I wouldn't start anything new but I ran out of hand work to do at lunch time. This one only took a few days to complete and it helped me get a little better at my french knots. I still need to get better at making my stitches the same size.

Affairs of The Heart - Month 11 blocks

33 of 36 applique blocks. They all still need extensive stem stitching done and the border still needs a ton of applique work.

Nearly Insane Block 38

The only thing I had time for yesterday was my Nearly Insane BOW. I had to have my semi-annual hair straightening torture. 5 painful hours later and my hair is back to its nice silky straight self. Funny thing, there was a girl in the chair next to me that had beautiful silky straight hair when she walked in and she walked out with the curls I walked in with.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Quilt Hanger

I found this cute quilt hanger that was perfect for my Calender Quilt BOM. I love how the quilt just clips on and I didn't have to make a sleeve.

Vintage Valentine Block 10

M-9 Fan Dance

Just because I started Rainbow Jane doesn't mean I will slack off on my traditional Jane.

Rainbow Jane Month #1

Yes, I am insane. I just could not resist doing a Rainbow Jane BOM. I ordered it here, just in case you want to do your own. The fabric is bright and beautiful and the instructions are very detailed. I really like how the blocks are done in an order that we can start sashing and putting the quilt together immediately.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Tisket A Tasket BOM

Here is my version of Bunny Hill's new BOM. Go here to get your own pattern.

L-1 Widow's Pane

Nearly Insane Block 56

I was fortunate enough to have today off of work and knock out my Nearly Insane block of the week.


Sunday, January 18, 2009


Sophia The Social Butterfly from An Angel's Story. SEWWWWWW much fun to stitch!
Gail Pan's BOM Sew much fun! Too bad I have to work tomorrow.

A January Finish! WOO HOOOOOOO

My friend Robin asked if I would make her two wall hangings from the "Be Attitudes" series. She wanted one for herself and one for her daughter.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

January Calender Block

I decided to make my calender blocks into mini-wall hangings. I thought I could find a cute wire hanger at Road to California but had no luck. I will surf the internet this weekend and see what I can come up with.

Friday, January 16, 2009


This is block 79 of Nearly Insane.

Dear Jane TR-2 Australian Pines
Dear Jane Block M-8 Enchanted Square

I went to Road To California today. The vendors section was pretty much the same as it was last year. Even Eleonore Burns was in the same spot signing books. The highlight of the day was seeing Alex Anderon. My purchases incuded a magic ironing board cover, some laser cut hexagons, a guideline ruler and some needles. No fabric or patterns found there way into my bag. I think it helped that I cleaned my sewing room before I left. I barely have room for the new needles in there. LOL!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

F-13 Tour de France

Well, this block proves that I should have stepped away from the sewing room this weekend. Next weekend I will take a break from the sewing room and head to Road To California.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nearly Insane Block 49 (ISH)

This block has 108 pieces @ 6". It is NOT right. DOH!!! I guess I should have stepped away from the sewing machine this weekend. I am NOT re-doing it.
UGH, after seeing the photo I really need to re-do it. it is willy-nilly.

F-4 - Old Windmill

I didn't notice until I uploaded the photo of this block that my points don't match. DOH!!!

Home Is Where The Heart Is - Block 1- w/Band

I forgot to sew the band on on my block. Here is the revised photo of block #1.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Home Is Where The Heart Is - Block 1

Joy, Karene and I are doing a BOM quilt called "Home Is Where The Heart Is" by the Stitch Connection. We got together on New Years Day to swap fabrics and start constructing our first block. I can't wait for our February get-together.

Be Joyful & Be Grateful

Here are the final 2 blocks that I needed finished in order to start putting together this quilt. There are 3 borders to place but first I have a little hand embroidery to do on one of the blocks. This quilt will be my January finish if I can get it done on time.

LS-6 Suzie Q

Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 Challenge!

I found a challenge as I was reading Blogs this morning.
Go here or here and read all about it. This may be what I need to help me get my projects done.

My goal for January is to finish piecing my "Be Attitudes" quilt top.

Another personal goal I have for 2009 is to manage my spending on anything quilt related. I seriously have enough projects to make it through the year. The only thing I NEED to spend money on would be for batting & notions. I may need a few backings but that is about it. So now for the challenge............. Anytime I spend ANY money on ANYTHING quilt or craft related I will match whatever I have spent into a special savings account. At the end of the year I will buy something for the house. How does that sound?