Monday, May 31, 2010

Where did May go?????

I am amazed how fast the month flew by. I guess I missed another weekend post so I will make up for it now. I put together both Insane-ish tops. I still need to square them up and add borders. I am waiting to hear how many and how big Colleen wants her borders to be. I am going to do a zig-zag border on mine so I need to get going on paper piecing those. Here is February's WONKY handled "Tisket Tasket block. What would a basket of mine be without the wonky handle? LOL!
Here are March and April's blocks. Handles are a little better.
This is the last "Polka Dot Girls" block.................
Here is the Polka Dot girls put together. All that is missing are the borders.
Last but not least, my "life Is Beautiful" stitcheries. 8 of 32 done.
I have a new addition to my brood. Her name is Linda. Daisy and Mindy LOVE her and she loves them back. I need help on training a kitty. Of course she is potty trained, that was easy. I am talking about jumping on furniture I don't want her on and clawing things. I bought her a post and tree, the one in the picture was a loaner. So far she hasn't destroyed anything and the vet did clip her nails. Any help is appreciated. Also, if you are a kitty owner, did you declaw?
Back to work tomorrow. I hope everyone has a safe, happy, quilty and healthy week.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Slight Progress

I am making slow progress in putting together the 2 Nearly Insane-ish quilts. I have 1/2 done on each. If I were going to make another, (no, I'm not that crazy) I would put the rows together as I made them. I am hoping to get the two tops together next weekend and then square them up. Then the final decision on the borders has to be made. The block below is May's calendar redwork BOM from my local quilt shop.
The next block is a UFO I pulled from the bin. It is January's Tisket a Tasket BOM. I re-did it in wool. Complete with wonky handle. It wouldn't be a block made by me without a little wonkiness. :)
The next 2 blocks are the final blocks for the "Polka Dot Girls". All I need is time to put the block together and add it to the rest. Can someone spare time????

Last but not least is April's Catalicious BOM. It is the same as block #7 on Polka Dot Girls so there was a little deja vu working on it.
I hope everyone has a safe, happy, healthy week. I also hope everyone has time to work on things. If anyone can spare some please send it my way.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

5 down, 10 to go

I spent 5 hours in my sewing room today. I made all the sashing strips for both Nearly Insane-ish quilts. I also put 5 rows together. I can't believe this is as far I as got in all that time. I thought for sure I would get these tops put together today. It looks like it may take a few more marathon sessions just to get all the rows put together. I will then have to square it up and start thinking about borders. I think Colleen wants me to put a small 2" white strip around hers first and then her wide white with red border that she chose. I haven't decided whether or not I am going to do the same or go ahead and make that paper pieced zig-zag border that Ranette made. Decision, decisions.
I finished my "Gardeners Journal" BOM for May on Friday night. I had to make this block twice. It just gave me fits! I think this one has the ladybug going the wrong way too but it is staying just like it is.
I was sorting through UFO's yesterday. I started 2 quilts a while back, I was going to do a white version and a black version. I made 7 of 12 blocks for each quilt and quit. They are about 18" square and have a few hundred pieces each. I lost interest and don't want to finish them. They are called "A New Beginning" and "Out of the Darkness" and are Pam Bono designs. Joy and I decided to use them to make 2 twin size quilts to donate to her father's charity. I am going to take them to our get together next Saturday so we can figure out how to lay them out and finish them. I don't have it in me to make that 8th block to make them even. Maybe we can use 6 blocks per quilt and use the 8th block for a pillow. Daisy decided that they were the perfect spot to sit on. LOL!
I wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, creative week.