Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another April Finish

I just don't have the camera or the photography skills to be able to capture the quilting Margaret did on my "Affairs of the Heart". She is a wizard on the Longarm. She quilted down the appliques and stippled around each block.

She did these amazing feathers on the borders and beautiful hearts in the center of each border.

I finished the block 7 stitcheries on "Polka Dot Girls" last night. I was able to put it together today. I only had 2 hrs to visit my sewing closet all weekend. :( Hopefully next weekend will be different.
Have a Happy, Healthy, Quilty week!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Gardener's Journal

I just don't know where my weekend went. I was able to get my "Gardener's Journal" block done for the month. I am going to try to keep up with the group and get one block done a month. I found a pile of fat quarters I had bought a while back and decided to use those. I am trying to be as frugal as possible until the Long Beach International Quilt show. I am 7 days clean. (haven't bought anything quilt related) Can I make it till the end of July??? LOL!I was also able to put together block 6 of "The Polka Dot Girls". Now I have to get busy and stitch the last 2 blocks so I can finish this one.
I had to make one more Insane-ish block. I miscounted how many I needed and came up short. I had to pick an easy one because my head is so not into red and white blocks right now. I am hoping to get started on putting them together next weekend.
I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, quilty week!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Finish!

On Monday I received two quilts I had sent to Margaret. I was able to get the binding on this one to show you. I just LOVE it. It is called "An Angel's Story". I used all the scraps I had to make some string blocks for the back, I think it turned out great. It looks like I need some photography lessons.

I was also able to piece the rest of the blocks I had ready from my Polka Dot Girls. I have 5 blocks completely done and am working on the stitchery for block #6.

This last block is from the April Calendar Quilt Redwork BOM I am doing with a LQS in my area. I love these because they are so simple, yet cute.
I spent a lot of time prepping a bunch of stitchery projects to work on the next few weeks. I am going to try to get block G of "A Gardener's Journal" done by next weekend so I can put it together. I really want to keep up with the group on this one.

Monday, April 5, 2010

End of a Long Weekend.

I have been bitten by the Schnibble bug. Thanks to Cindy, I finally decided to start a Schnibble project. I have been collecting the patterns and charm squares but just haven't had the time since I was a mission to finish my Nearly Insane blocks. Well, I finished my Insane blocks and decided to put them away and Schnibble. This was so quick and fun to make. The best part is that there is hardly any waste at all. I used every single charm square. I hope to get it pinned so I can practice my quilting skills on this soon.
After my Schnibble fest I decided to work on a UFO on my list. I put together block #1 of my Polka Dot Girls. I am using my 30's stash since I am on a fabric diet.
I also finished up another stitchery from this quilt, I think it is from block 6. I still have a few to go but they are all prepped and ready.
The next two are quick little BOM stitcheries from a local quilt shop. It is a Calendar BOM. These are Feb. & March. I started April and should finish this week. It is so nice to be caught up on something.

The next block is the Catalicious BOM. This is as close to having a cat as I can get. LOL

The next 5 blocks are the final blocks for my Nearly Insane-ish quilts. Now the chore of putting them together begins. I need to cut a bazillion sashing strips and sashing squares. Colleen and I have to decide how we want to lay out our blocks. I don't think we can do this for a few weeks so I will take a break from this and work on other UFO's.

Back to work tomorrow. We were able to take a nice long 5 day weekend. We used to get a week off at Easter but since the economy is in the toilet we need to work and try to get in all the patients that are on vacation.

I started a new blog, it will detail on how I plan on losing the 20 pounds I gained since I started sewing 4yrs ago. UGH!! Looks like less sewing and more workouts are in the horizon.