Sunday, July 27, 2008

Will I every catch up?

I managed to make 7 more Dear Jane blocks this weekend. I have 9 more to go to catch up with Anina's Blog.

I was really intimidated by this triangle but it turned out to be one of the easier blocks I have made, thanks to Anina's tutorial.

This is probably the 4th attempt at this block. I am still not happy with it but I refuse to make it again.
This is the 3rd and final attempt at this block. Again, I am not happy with it but I will not make another one.
This one had set in seams but Anina had a nice tutorial on this one too.
This one also has a nice tutorial.
I paper pieced the center of this block and rotary cut the rest. I actually did the math!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Long Beach Quilt Show

Today I went to the Long Beach Quilt Show with some great friends. I was in extreme sensory overload. We were fortunate enough to see Eleanore Burns at the Quilt In A Day booth. This is me, Karen, Eleanor, Karene and Joy.

Here is a picture of us with our souvenir boa Eleanor gave each of us.
Here is a picture of the new Bernina 830 that has just come out. As soon as I win the lottery this bad boy will be in my house. LOL

Friday, July 25, 2008

Playing "Dear Jane" Catch Up

I think I wrote a while back that I am going to try to follow another Blog to help me make my Dear Jane. She is making 2 blocks a week and started in March. I am soooooo far behind. I managed to make 9 blocks last weekend and trashed a few that I already made because I didn't like the way they turned out. Here is the block chart along with the new blocks I have made. I am hoping to catch up by the end of August. I do have a few that I made that she hasn't made yet. That will give me a break one day. LOL!

July's "Affairs of the Heart"

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Catching Up!

I am a bad blogger! I can't believe it has been so long since my last update. I don't think you will be seeing quite so many BOM's in the future from me. I am having a hard time finding the time to get them all done. I decided that after this month I am putting several of them away until I can finish a few of them.

Here is one that I will not be putting away. (Be Attitudes) I still have a button to sew on her hand and a face to embroider. I thought I better do all of that AFTER it is all put together and quilted. Here is another one I hope to continue with. "Applique Affair"

This is the BOM I am doing with the girls at Leah's Quilt Gallery. I will continue to make these blocks so that they are FREE. I have no idea what I am going to do with all 12 when they are completed. I didn't like the finishing kit so I didn't buy it. I may just throw some coodinating sashing, a border and call it a day.
This is "lilibette's Garden" block for June. I still haven't received July's in the mail yet. Hmmmm, wonder what is up with that? This is one that I may put on the back burner. DOH! I don't want to! This is going to be a beauty when it is done. It may not look like it from this block, trust me, it is going to rock.
Here is Karene's favorite. "Midnight Garden"
Here is the block from hell. It had 236 pieces. This will get put away for sure! It just makes me CRAZY. Maybe I will do one every other month. UGH!!!! It is called "A New Beginning"

This is the "Out Of Darkness" BOM for June. It had 225 pieces and is the twin to "A New Beginning. QUILTS FROM HELL!!!!
Here is the July block. Did I say it was 236 pieces?

This is June's "Vintage Valentine" I do want to continue working on this one.
Here are some "Stars In The Garden" BOM's. I really want to put this one away but I am almost done. I have 2 more blocks to make and then the fun part begins, I get to make the applique medalion.

Here are my "Wildflower Sampler" blocks for June. I only have 2 more of these blocks before the center medallion gets to be applique'd. DOH!! I did not plan well.

That's it for now. I have a super secret project that I am working on too. I will probably reveal that in 2011 when it is done. HA HA!!
I am also re-thinking my Dear Jane. There are 2 blocks I am going to re-do because the shortcut I took just bugs me. I am going to try to catch up and make my blocks with a group on the internet. They started in March and have made alot of the blocks I have made and alot I haven't. I should catch up with them in 2010. LOL!!
I made a vow to myself. No sewing unless workout has been done. I started the year wanting to lose the 12 pounds I found when I started quilting. Those 12 grew to be 17 a few weeks ago. I am now at 14 to go. If only sewing burned as many calories as running an hour on a treadmill.