Sunday, March 31, 2013

A little Progress

Well, back to work for me tomorrow.  I need to go back so I can rest.  LOL   I accomplished quite a bit around my house and garden.   Only a little sewing was done during the week but I did make a little progress.

I took a break from gardening one afternoon and made my "Four Star Generals" block with Ranette via Facetime.

I finished the parts for my new mystery quilt one evening.  I had to make 124 HST's and then piece them with the squares I cut last month.  I can't wait to see what this quilt is going to look like.  
 Friday afternoon I pieced this little mini.  It is from the Jo Morton club I joined.  

Saturday I had a sew day at my house to celebrate a friends birthday.  There were three of us sewing on Dear Jane.   We have decided that we will be doing ten blocks a month.  My traditional Jane is pretty well under way and if I stick to the ten a month I would have it done next spring.   I will show you my blocks when I have all ten done.   I made six yesterday and one today.  I forgot how labor intensive these babies are.   Next month I am going to evaluate all the blocks I have already done by putting them up on my design wall.  I know there are a few that stick out like a sore thumb that I need to remake.  

Well, that's it for this week.   
I wish you all a happy, healthy, safe week!

I leave you with my list of goals for April.  I cut it back quite a bit but will add those projects back in as others get finished.

  1. 10 Dear Jane blocks
  2. 4 Ode to 30's blocks
  3. 2012 Designer Mystery block plus flying geese sashing for row #3
  4. 25 Applique Baskets
  5. 2 Sweet and Simple blocks
  6. 1 It's Raining Cats and Dogs block
  7. 3 rows of Charming Addition
  8. 8 rows of Charming Addition for gift
  9. 1 Four Star General block
  10. 1 Crossroads block
  11. 1 Jo's Club quilt 
  12. Silver Thimble Mystery
  13. 1 Women's Voices block
  14. Country Threads BOM
When all those are completed and if I have time I will work on Cheddar Bow Ties till it is finished.


Anne said...

Wow, those are some lofty goals! You go girl. Love everything and I'm intrigued by the mystery quilt too. Love the Jo mini!

Janet O. said...

Mmm, love the Four Star Generals. And that little Jo Morton mini is wonderful!!
I can't believe how many Dear Jane blocks you are making each month. I bought the book years ago and still haven't made a single block! With all of those projects, no wonder you need to go to work to get a rest! : )

Darlene said...

I love your goals and accomplishments. Fabulous new blocks.

Will you share pictures of your Dear Jane blocks, please?

betweens said...

Wholy mackerel how in the world do you expect to get all that done plus work...I know no sleep!
Can't wait to see your 10 blocks a month, really love your Jo Quilt too awesome work

marina said...

lovely blocks and your mini is gorgeous. I really love the mini quilts.
A huge list for April...
Enjoy your rest at work and good luck tackling your list.

Fiesta said...

Beautiful blocks Yvette. It is so nice that you were able to enjoy your garden. I too barely for any projects done during spring break. Actually just finished a rug but no quilty things. Have a great week.

Carol said...

I am crazy about those Four General did I miss that? Your mystery is fun...a Dear Jane birthday party...LOVE it! I need to Facetime with you...maybe you'll make me sew faster! LOL! You had a great week!

Cathy said...

I love your projects. Your Jo Morton mini is something I would love to make. I need to make my list up for April. Hugs

Lynn said...

What an ambitious list you have! And I know you will do it and it will all be beautiful! I love everything I see.

Me and My Stitches said...

That's all you got done?! HAHAHA - just kidding! You are so productive and such great projects. I can't wait to see those Dear Jane blocks!

Terry said...

Your blocks look great! And I love that little mini! :0)

Nancy said...

Now why on earth would you cut your list down? Are you planning on sleeping or something crazier?? Beautiful blocks Missy:)

Deb said...

Those are some big goals, but I'm sure that you'll get through them. Even though you think that you didn't get that much done on your time off, you spin circles around me and I don't even work!!

Crispy said...

Beautiful blocks Yvette!! You get more done than and 10 quilters can LOL. Love your "shortened" list :o)


LuAnn said...

Love your mini quilt. I've been thinking about joining the Jo Club this time around.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

You are a sewing machine!!! I love the little Jo Morton quilt you did. We are waiting on Springtime over here. I'm ready to get out in the yard too. 15 inches of snow last week didn't help. :)
Hope you had a Happy Easter

Joy said...

Were the Four Stars any easier this month?! I'm approaching with a bit of unease. heehee!

Ten blocks a month is ambitious for the Janes, I shall cheer you guys on, and I would love to see the pix. Have a great week!

Grethe said...

You do such great works, nice Four Star Generals as well as the mine one:-) Love you April list,I`ll cheer you all the way to the end of the month! Happpy no.6, I`ll soon start on a new block!

Rhonda said...

OMG, I see why you had to go back to work. What wonderful project you have started....and that list, I'm tired from just reading what you want to accomplish. I wish I had that kind of energy. I salute you!! Take care.

Marie said...

Wow, that's a full list! Good luck.

Robin said...

Ooo... the Jo Morton mini is happy! I love that you make a list every month. Oh, to be so focused. :)