Friday, January 8, 2010

Plugging along

The block below is yet another replacement block I will use in my Nearly Insane quilt. I guess my quilts will be named "Nearly Insane-ish". I took this pattern from my Dear Jane book and blew it up. I think it will fit well in the quilt. The next three are more "Applique Affair" blocks in wool. I think I have seven more to go. :)

My goal for 2010 is to get 8 UFO's completed. I really don't want to start another project until I can do this. Is that possible???? I can't answer that. LOL!


toja said...

Your blocks are so beautiful! I think that the Dear Janeblock will fit perfektly in your Nearly Insane quilt :)
I wish you luck in finishing you UFOs. I have the same project going on.

Crispy said...

That is a great replacement block and your Applique Affair blocks are wonderful.

8 UFOs is doable, but we won't hold you to it LOL.


Cindy said...

You TOTALLY cracked me up - with "Nearly Insane". Yeap, that could describe you...ROFLOL

Ooh, so you're having an affair too? Oh my word, Yvette, OH EXCUSE ME, you said "applique affair"... I'm so sorry. STILL ROFLOL

Well, girl, you don't "seam" to be sewing as much as you did 8/10 months ago. On a serious note, I hope everything's okay. I have missed your fun in the blogging world.

But, I also understand, everyone needs a break from whatever. Just know you've been missed.

Fiesta said...

you are brave not to start a new project. That would be like someone puting a piece of chocolate cake in front of me.
I love how you can change your blocks so that they are not so challenging.

Robin said...

Great blocks! I love the fabrics you used in your Near Insane-ish blocks. That is one of my favorite DJ blocks too. :)

Wow! You go, girl! That is quite a goal. You can definitely do it though. But, you should try and make sure you are having fun too... if that means a new project or two to help keep your creative juices fresh and happy, don't hold back!

Kristie said...

I love the new name "Nearly Insane-ish" The way that I see it, this is your quilt and if you want to change some blocks, that is fine, it is your quilt!! least you are still working on yours and it is not in a box, like mine! But I swear I will finish it someday and will probably have to switch some blocks too.

Annelies vdB said...

Your applique blocks look so beautiful !
Maybe your NI should get the name : "They can not get me Insane".

ranette said...

I love the NI'ish blocks and I think they'll fit perfectly in your quilts.

Ahhhh wool applique, very, very pretty. You are making me want to start a new project! lol

Karene said...

I love your replacement blocks but I truly am drooling over the wool applique ones !!! WOW!!! You go girlfriend !

Joy said...

I love your replacement block! That is beautiful!

And I love how your Applique Affair is progressing... Sew Pretty!

Carrie P. said...

Love them. Good luck with your goals.