Sunday, January 31, 2010

The end of the first month of the year of the UFO

I will start this weeks post with my "Nearly Insane" block of the week. This is block #36 and measures 6" and has 78 pieces. 31 more to go!This is the last of the "Applique Affair" wool blocks. Now I have to trim all 45 blocks and start putting them together. I'm not sure if I am going to do the borders according to the pattern yet. I may do my own thing.
I added the border fabric to my Angel's Story" top. I also finished piecing the backing using the string blocks I made.

I bought this new transfer paper from Treasured Threads at the end of last year and I have been wanting to try it out. It's pretty expensive so I wanted to try it with an intricate design. I dug out yet another UFO, The Polka Dot Girls. All you do is place your pattern in your copy machine, printer or scanner. Print it out on the transfer sheet. Peel the backing and stick it on your fabric. After you stitch you just wash away the transfer. I will let you all know how it works once I stitch it out. I sure hope this works, I am a terrible tracer.
I hope everyone has a healthy, blessed, quilty week.


Cindy said...

YOU ARE insane. Nope, the insane blocks are not for this girl. I think I'd go insane doing them. Go ahead, you be my idol (Cindy says as she bows down to you).

I have loved your Angel's Story since the first time you shared photos. This is a special one.

This new paper thingy sounds cool. This is the first I've heard of it. How cool it'd be to put a fancy or intricate design on something to quilt it. Possibilities are numerous. Will patiently wait for your reviews.

Joy said...

Your "Nearly Insanes" are perfect as usual!

I can't believe your "Applique Affairs" blocks are done! I look forward to seeing the blocks together and seeing how you handle the borders! Love how you incorporated the string squares on the back of "Angel's Story"...Are you going to quilt it yourself?

That new transfer paper looks intriguing!! Good luck with it!

Lynda said...

I love the sound of the transfer paper - haven't heard of that over here. Will have to investigate. Your other blocks look wonderful and I love your Angel's Story. The backing looks wonderful too.

Fiesta said...

The transfer looks good to me.
will you embroider it?
As usual your blocks are great and I see a finish coming up soon.

Crispy said...

Goodness you have been very productive this month!! I really like your choice for the border fabric on the angel quilt. I too will be interested in your review of the transfer paper.


Barbara said...

It's such fun seeing your pile of red/white N.Insanes grow. So interesting to see how different they can look even when we are using the same colours! Are you making two quilts? I can't imagine another reason for making two of each block? As for inset seams, they are why I'm handsewing my Crescent and Star blocks but I don't find them a problem. Me, I hate, detest, loathe cutting fabric (bad slip with the rotary cutter last year didn't help - just added physical fear to the process as well).

Robin said...

78 pieces??? Ugh! And times 2 to boot! That quilt is so aptly named. :) I'm in love with the backing for your angel quilt... those string blocks look amazing! I'm curious to hear how the transfer paper works for you. Good luck!

ranette said...

I'm glad that you are working on your red & white NI blocks so when I start missing making them myself I can just pop on over to your place a gaze longingly at your lovely blocks. Love those fabrics!

Another lovely wool block...can't wait to see them all in a quilt.

Oh, oh, oh your Angel's Story quilt is so pretty and I love the back too!

I'm excited to see how the tracing paper works out...

Lisa said...

I LOVE the string quilt back ... NOW I know what I am going to do on my current block quilt! Thanks for the inspiration!

Miri said...

This new transfer sounds great! Love the string blocks used on the bsck!