Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 Challenge!

I found a challenge as I was reading Blogs this morning.
Go here or here and read all about it. This may be what I need to help me get my projects done.

My goal for January is to finish piecing my "Be Attitudes" quilt top.

Another personal goal I have for 2009 is to manage my spending on anything quilt related. I seriously have enough projects to make it through the year. The only thing I NEED to spend money on would be for batting & notions. I may need a few backings but that is about it. So now for the challenge............. Anytime I spend ANY money on ANYTHING quilt or craft related I will match whatever I have spent into a special savings account. At the end of the year I will buy something for the house. How does that sound?


Kristie said...

Sounds like you have a plan girl!!! I have so many that I need to finish, I think I will join the challenge too!! Love your idea of saving as much as you spend!! I would do that too, but every extra penny we get will have to be spent on the new house!

Kim said...

Excellent "plan", Yvette. I really like that spend/save technique. Can't wait to see the finished projects. =)

Colleen said...

what a great idea. i can help monitor your spending. LOL

i understand how hard this is going to be. we are both guilty of seeing and "loving" new projects.


Joy said...

What a great challenge! I love it!

And the savings idea is a good one!!

I think my first finish will be that 440+ inches of binding on Michael's quilt! Ugh!


Betweens said...

Hi Yvette.. you are a quilter after my own heart. I have as many BOM as you started and going on. Your Challenge on spending and saving is a great plan and I think that is something that I can seriously follow...LOL
Your work is gorgeous I love all your BOM.I am starting 4 various BOM in the year 2009.
thanks for posting such wonderful words on my blog I have added you to blogs I follow your workmanship is wonderful. I would love to know how to do a diagram for my DJ blocks like you did for your blog.
Happy stitch'n