Friday, November 7, 2008

My Motley Crew

The killer poodles. Daisy, Max and Mindy. Be careful, they may kiss you to death.

I read quite a few quilting blogs and they all seem to contain a kitty. I may be the only quilter besides Joy that has pups. I would love a kitty but I am already responsible for my Vet owning a BMW.


Doin the Math said...

LOL on you contributing to your Vet's BMW fund. I've been treating a sick cat all week, so I can relate.

Such cute pups! The girls seem to have accepted Max as one of the herd. :-)

Kristie said...

Oh, how precious!! My sister has a tiny poodle, Her name is Zoey, she is black and weighs a little less than 3lbs. I have had a couple of them myself over the years, and they are such lovable dogs. I still miss mine.

Colleen said...

OMG max looks big. are they having a play date? LOL


Joy said...


Three furry amigos!!

Too cute! I want to come over and play!

We named Tiger (our sweet pitbull) as our honorary studio cat..... She sheds the least and really loves being in the studio with us. But sometimes, she tries to claim the quilts as hers.... and why not? They're comfy!


Karene said...

OMG !!! Three "doggie" amigos like the "original" three amigos !!!