Monday, November 10, 2008

I-3 Family Album & Nearly Insane Block 34

I took advantage of a day off from work to catch up with my blocks of the week. My sewing room is completely organized and I should be able to get things done much quicker.


Kristie said...

Your blocks look wonderful! I was sitting here this morning wondering what I was going to do today and after seeing your block, I think I will work on my Nearly Insane!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your NI block!

Though, an organized sewing room.... I think that's a myth. People talk of it but is it really possible. :)

Doin the Math said...

I have no doubt if there *is* such a thing as an organized sewing room, it would belong to Yvette! :)

Rina said...

I never been on your blog before, but I love it. The saterday sampler is beautiful. I love the colors.
Your blocks for your nearly insane and dear jane quilt looks good too. Your working very hard.


Joy said...

Tried to leave a comment earlier but Blogger did not like me! Anyway, I'm loving your blocks, especially the reds!

Wishing you a quilty weekend!


Kim said...

When you're done organizing your sewing room maybe you can come organize my closet! Always lovin' the art you create. xoxo