Sunday, January 27, 2008

My dream quilt and my progess in making it.

Ever since I saw this quilt I knew I had to make one.

My goal in 2008 is to make one block a week and one triangle a month. I am one block short in January but I will make it up in February.


Joy said...

There are no words. That is going to be a masterpiece!


(I heard Ellen say today that she is doing one - only she used that EQ program to "enlarge them to 6 inches", if I heard correctly?)

Are your blocks smaller than 6 inches?

Keep us posted! That is going to be stunning!


Yvette said...

Mine are going to be 4.5" finished, just like the original.

I am hoping that what I learned in the star, circle and applique classes have/will be taking will help.

Karene said...

You, my friend, are totally AMAZING!!! I love everything you do !!! Wanna adopt me...huh, huh....I'll make a good sister. The Vice Queen BOWS down to the Esteemed Enabler.