Sunday, September 16, 2007

Quilt #4

This was the first quilt I made with the help of a real live quilt teacher. I was so lucky to find these classes and I feel blessed every time I sit in her class. I only meant to sign up for one session, which is 4 sessions once a week. After my first month I thought I needed another. I tried to sign up for a third month but the class was full. YIKES!!! I then tried to sign up again and it was full!!! I finally got in again last December and claimed my spot and will not let it go. LOL! I swear, I learn and re-learn something EVERY week. I have also bonded with the most wonderful women. Sunday afternoons from 11:30-2pm you can find me at the quilt shop happily sewing on my newest project and socializing with my new friends.


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