Friday, September 21, 2007


Yesterday I passed my Longshoreman's Lashing test, not an easy feat for a woman edging 45 every minute. The next step to getting my casual card is GSST. That day is scheduled for October 8th, another sick day bites the dust. At least on that day I get paid $160.00 to watch movies. I have to say, my boss has been so understanding about me pursuing this second job. I still have potentially 3-4 more sick days I have to use before this is all over.

Today I slept in till 5:30. Ahhhhhhh!! I was able to have the house clean by 11:00. My mom came home from her check up at the doctor's office sick. WTF? She went to her appointment perfectly healthy and she came home a few hours later with the flu. I had to play nursemaid all day, which is not my calling. She is fine now, thank God. Weird!

Between playing nursemaid and running errands I was able to finish meandering a lap size quilt. This is the "Yellow Brick Road" quilt pattern made with Batiks. I am giving it to my neighbors for Christmas. I wanted to show how nice my wood extension table is. I bought it from a guy on the Internet that custom makes tables for any sewing machine. It even has a slide out to make it easy to change the bobbin.

I guess the is quilt #14.


Joy said...

Your meandering looks SO pretty! I love the quilt - Whoo hooo!! another Finished Object!!

Most of all, congrats on passing that test. I have been reading a little online about what was entailed and I am in awe of what you are taking on, and rooting for you, all the way!! Go You!!!

I also like your table for your machine - I just got a plastic one by Janome for mine, and what a difference they make! Yours is so pretty with the wood!

Hope to see you tomorrow when I "crash" class - I'm suffering withdrawal from my quilting friends!


Yvette said...

Hi Joy!

It will be great to see you tomorrow! I will bring the fabric bin. :)

Treasa said...

Yvette, can you tell me where you got your table for your bernina? That is just what I am looking for!! Thanks.