Sunday, September 16, 2007

Quilt #11


I signed up for a class at my quilt shop that was taught by a published quilter. There were 4 sessions. The first session went well. We made the center cabin block together as a class. It was great to see how everyone decorated their block. The second class was a joke, there was no pattern. She explained and we took notes and sewed as much as we could in class and then given homework. I managed to get done as much as I could on my own and luckily my cousin was visiting at the time and she helped me. The third class was cancelled and they combined it with an all day 4th class. Again there was no pattern. I just wrote down notes and sewed as much as I could until my machine died. Yes, my machine died in the middle of class. Anyone I went home and stared at this project wondering how I was going to finish it. I seriously thought about chucking it in the trash and calling it a day. My teacher extraordinaire told me I could do it and with her help we figured out a pattern by looking at the pictures I took of the original quilt. Ok, SHE figured out the pattern, I take no credit for that! I did the quilting on it and it now sits proudly on my sofa.

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