Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Six Honest Things About Myself

I was tagged by Lindsey so I thought I would play along.

Six Honest Things About myself.

1. I am the most unorganized clean person you will ever meet. I am very regimented in my cleaning chores and no playing or having fun of any kind will be done unless all the chores are done. House is spic and span, laundry clean, folded and ironed and car washed. However, I am VERY unorganized. Every year I try to organize drawers and closets but in a few months things are willy-nilly again. Don't even look in my fridge or pantry. They are clean, but messy. I keep hearing ads on the radio about a place called "The Container Store". I may have to drop by and see what kind of help they can give me.

2. I love getting up at an ungodly hour. I love enjoying my coffee and enjoying the day before it even starts.

3. I hate to dress up.

4. I hate showers. Not the rain ones, the bridal and baby ones. I guess it is because I have to dress up. (See #3) LOL

5. I hate shopping. Disclaimer: I LOVE SHOPPING if it is quilt related.

6. I hate driving. I guess when you commute 3hrs a day to and from work you grow to hate it.

OK, now I am going to tag a few people. Please do not feel obligated to answer.



Fiesta said...

wow , we share so much in common.
I am the fist one up and enjoying the coffee alone is my favorite part of the morning.
I hate driving. I actually must take a relaxant because it makes me nervous.
I rarely shop except for quilt related items.
I hate to wash my hair. ( not on your list though) :D

Crispy said...

I'm an orgainized messy person, housework can wait until I feel like doing it, you may not be able to eat off the floor but you can find it LOL. I don't like clutter and my drawers, closets and surfaces are nice and neat, but dusty LOL.


Lindsey said...

Unorganized...that's my middle name...I can't even claim the super clean house part.

Man...That driving has got to go...I'd be worn out by noon!

Morning is awesome...when the world is that,
Thanks for playing.

Robin said...

LOL! The Container Store rocks. Of course, this is coming from someone who aspires to be organized and never quite makes it-- but I've got all sorts of great tools to do it at some point (and sadly, my house is no cleaner for it either... but I figure I can blame that on the toddler!) :P

Betweens said...

What gorgeous blocks and a wonderful quilt that you finished... I hope to be busy with quilting this weekend.. long weekend that is..happy Easter

Anonymous said...

Are you my twin? :)~

Darlene said...

HMM - some similarities! LOL! Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself.

Grandma Shell said...

We must be twins separated at birth LOL I LOVE to have my morning coffee by "dawn's early light". My cupboards, closets sound like yours. Not much into shopping any more, my house won't hold any thing else!! I only own a couple of dresses and 1 pair of dressy pants. Jo-Ann's or the LQS are about the only stores i frequent other than grocery shopping. (ugh!)

Have an awesome day!

Cindy said...

Tagged comments are now on my blog.

Anonymous said...

hmmm. I'm an organized messy person. Maybe we could help each other.....

I know, we'll visit and help each other with organization/cleaning habits and visit quilt shows. Our big quilt show is featuring Aie Rossman (Affairs of the Heart) this year. I thought of you as soon as I heard that.