Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lookie what I won!

CJ had a drawing to all of us who were caught up with our Nearly Insane blocks. I WON! She sent me the cutest little bag she made along with such a pretty red & white fat quarter. I hope to use it in mext weeks block.
I finally finished this medallion for one of my UFO's I am trying to complete. The name of the quilt is called "Wildflower Sampler". I am burned out on blanket stitching. After I put this together with all the blocks I made for it, I have to put MORE flowers around the borders and blanket stitch those. ACK!!!!!!!

This is Block 77 of the Nearly Insane quilt. We have been on a streak of making easy blocks again. I am afraid to look tomorrow and see what CJ has planned for us.

This is block A-11 of my traditional Jane.

OK, I wasn't going to post the picture of this block. It is A-12 of traditional Jane. The seams are so off it isn't funny. I didn't really notice it until I have all the corners on it. I wasn't in the mood to start ripping so here it is. LOL! Look at it FAST.

This is block A-13 of traditional Jane. Again, look FAST. LOL!!!
I didn't take any pictures of the machine quilting class I took last week but Joy did. :)
I also took a class on Friday night at my sewing machine shop. It was a drivers license class to learn how to use their HQ16 on a frame or table. I really need to go practice more because there is no way I trust myself to do a quilt on it yet. I am able to rent the machine for $10 an hour to quilt my quilts when I am ready. It is really hard and I really have to praise all of you longarm quilters.


Crispy said...

Oh nice prize you recieved!! You have been very productive in your sewing, I love the center for your Wildflower Sampler. Are you doing all the blanket stitching by hand?

I'm impressed with what longarmers can do. My friend who owns a quilt shop let me try her HQ on some scraps....boy was I terrible LOL.


Shasta said...

Hey I am making the wildflower sampler too! I hadn't seen anyone else making that. I've finished three blocks - working on #4 today, and have my material ready to start the applique. I know I should start right away, because I have several quilts stuck in the applique stage.

Colleen said...

i love block #77 for our nearly insane quilt.

bring your cute little bag in, i want to see it. maybe we can put tomato's in it when ours grow . . . . LOL


Lindsey said...

Very nice...I'm catching up to you thanks to this software....I'm impressed....long arming! I'll bet that was a ton fun.

Barb said...

That is a nice prize and I love all of your blocks...and yes, sometimes I get tired of doing the blanket stitch as well.

Fiesta said...

Yvette, I just simply adore your wildflowers. You know I love flowers.
Your DJ are coming right along.

Kristie said...

Wow! They are all so nice! I just don't know how you do it all!

Karene said...

If the HQ is that hard, I guess you don't want to practice on the quilt for my hairdresser....ha,ha,ha !!! Love your blocks and congrats on the prize !!!

Carrie P. said...

Congrats on winning! Nice prize.
Your flowers are fabulous. And I love that red Dear Jane block.

Robin said...

What fun treats you got for a prize! That wildflower block is beautiful. I can see why you'd be a little burned out on blanket stitch though... wow! Your blocks this week look great. I swear, row A of Dear Jane is a real morale sucker. But-- at least it's done now! :)

Karen said...

I looked at your DJ blocks really fast and they look great! The wildflower block is beautiful and I just love the red and white fabric of your other block. I didn't look fast at that one. It was a nice long look. LOL.

Joy said...

I love your medallion - wow! That is SO pretty!

And your blocks are amazing!

I have a feeling the LA'ing is just like the free motion in just need time for P3!! (practice, practice, practice!)