Sunday, March 9, 2008

March BOM Updates

I have been trying to keep up with my BOM's and getting my Star quilt quilted. At the rate I am going, the Star will be finished by Christmas. So far I have one star quilted and 6 of the surrounding hexagons. This is the first block of a BOM I am doing with my favorite quilt shop, Leah's Fabric Gallery. My good friends Joy and Karene are also doing this project. Wouldn't you know, we all came out with different blocks. Karene is the winner of doing hers the right way. Joy and I are just rebels I guess. (or we can't read directions) LOL
Here is part of the second month of my "Stars Around The Garden" BOM. I screwed up the other block so badly that I had to order more fabric. That will teach me to never cut a block after sitting on the freeway for 2hrs on a Friday night.

Here are the March BOM's for the Wildflower Sampler.

Here is the "Out Of Darkness" BOM. I really like how this is turning out. I cut the white version and plan on making that next weekend.

Here is the Fantasy Flowers BOM for March. This was SEW MUCH FUN to make!!!

Here is the Be Attitudes BOM for March. I still have to give the ant some eyes and place the button on top of the cupcake.


Karene said...

OMG !!!! Your star quilt is GORGEOUS !!! I love the way you are quilting it. You're doing a fantastic job on it, not to mention the 9,900,999 BOMs you are doing too....ha,ha,ha !

Love ya

Joy said...

Hey, the star quilt looks amazing! I really really like how you are quilting it!

Your other blocks are absolutely beautiful! I have decided I must make that Be-Attitudes quilt....probably not til 2114, but still. I Must. :)

And what is that fantasy block....I don't remember hearing about that one - that is stunning!

You are not only the Esteemed Enabler, you are the Esteemed BOM QUEEN. The Out-Of-Darkness is sew pretty....but then, they're ALL pretty....

My eyeballs are all happy, thank you, with all the quilty eye candy......

You rock! (We miss you in class though!)


Yvette said...

Thanks Amigos!

The Star quilt makes me long for an HQ16 on a table even more. I am searching the house for a place to put it. Do people really need a sofa? LOL

cheeky monkey said...


A friend of mine found your starquilt and wants to have one for herself. Can you help me where to get the pattern? What size was yours and how many stars did you make?

Thanks for helping