Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dear Jane March 2008 Progress

It's fun to see how this quilt is coming along by using the block chart. I really hate this triangle and may remake the top of it when I learn proper needle turn applique.
I am still comcentrating on blocks I can piece. I don't really care for paper piecing but I used that method for the last block.


Karene said...

Wow !!!! Those look great !

Joy said...

What a feast for my eyes! Those are amazing! You have been so productive, even with a heavy work week!!

Oooh! Janet covered a bit of needle turn applique today in class, and said she'll be covering it again from time to time.....I'll try to pay attention!


Yvette said...

Thanks Karene!

Joy, I did alot of this last weekend when I had 3 days. 5 day work weeks just don't sit well with me. LOL