Sunday, August 19, 2012

More Summer Sewing

It is still too hot to do anything but sew.   
Yesterday my friend Beth came over and we sewed and prepped all day.  We put all our backgrounds together for "Merry Merry Snowmen" and even prepped two blocks.   I should have taken a picture of the huge mess we made doing this.  Is it possible to prep and sew neatly?   We even got to virtually sew using Facetime with our friend Ranette, who is working on the same project.  We had a great afternoon, it felt like she was with us.   After Ranette logged off we checked to see if Bonnie Hunter was sewing on her live webcam.  She was!!!   It was so great to sew with Beth in person and Ranette and Bonnie virtually.
 I prepped more baskets during the week at lunch.  I am up to nine.  Hey, that means there are only 291 to go.  LOL!!  
 After I cleaned up today I decided to start a new BOM that I got in the mail this week.   I swore I wouldn't sign up for any more BOM's but I just couldn't resist.

Here it is!   I received the fabric for the very top of this border.   I prepped all the letters and fused them to the fabric.  I stitched two letters and called it a day.  I left my machine setup downstairs so maybe I will stitch a letter or two after work every night.
I also did an inventory of all my WIPS & UFO's.    Let's just say that I have a serious case of quilters A.D.D.     I am going to try to not start anything new for a while.

Did you all notice I finally got a design wall???   How did I live this long without it???

I wish you all a great week!


Darlene said...

You never cease to amaze me with all you accomplish. Nancy didn't sew with you and Beth? I think it's cool that you sewed virtually with Ranette and Bonnie Hunter. Fun day.

You accomplish so much, Yvette - I don't think you suffer from quilter's ADD.

Raewyn said...

Sounds like a fabulous day, Yvette. I enjoy technology to help me sew along with friends too. I love your snowmen blocks and also your new BOM. Your baskets are looking just lovely as well!

Linda said...

Yvette I love all of the BOMs you do! I live vicariously!!! Lol!!! I live the virtual sewing together. So cool!!!

Betweens said...

Yvette you are a true quilter, fingers in many pots is the way to go and sharing with friends at home and onlne just gives a quilter more incentive.
You make me laugh never promise anything they will always design something to prompt us.
Everything looks lovely and now with your design wall you will only get more incentive to continue with your BOM!

Carol said...

You truly are amazing! You get so much done...all that prep work, wonderful that you and Beth could do it together, makes it go faster and lots more fun! Your new BOM is going to be so fun!

JustCindy said...

I love anything to do with snowmen. I can't wait to see these quilts. Glad you got a design wall. That's a lot of baskets but you can do it.

Terry said...

Congratulations on your design wall! I finally put a flannel backed tablecloth on the wall and it's wonderful! :0)

Karen said...

Must be fun to be able to sew virtually with friends. Better in person but still would be interesting via the computer.

LynCC said...

oh! "In the Meadow" is awesome - no wonder you caved!

Lynn S said...

Quick question--did you use a pattern for your purse made with the Dear Jane fabric? If so, which one is it? So nice!

ranette said...

It was a super fun day sewing with you and Beth. The only good thing about it being virtual instead of in the same room, is that the mess would have taken over! Lol. I still haven't finished cleaning up.

If you have quilters A. D. D. Then so do I, but at least we're in it together :)

Colleen said...

Love your projects! And I definitely suffer from quilters ADD. Just ask Beth :o)

Quilter Kathy said...

Great projects on the go! Especially love your baskets!

Janet O. said...

Sounds like a fun sew day. Congrats on your design wall--isn't it great? Just got mine last year.
What better to do than sew with friends--in the flesh or virtually. And what better projects on a hot day than snowy ones?
(I think they have rehab for BOM addiction now.) : )

Carrie P. said...

I could not quilt without my design wall. When I first started quilting I did not have one.
Love all the projects you are working on. I look forward to watching you create the "meadow" one.
I will have to go to Bonnie's blog and try to catch her quilting. I bet that was fun.

Kristie said...

Goodness! You really got a lot done on your Merry Merry Snowman BOM. Loving your baskets, I need to get back to mine. Can't wait to see more of your NEW BOM too. Looks as if you are really enjoying your design wall.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day

Sharon said...

It's fun to sew with friends isn't it? I've never done the virtual thing. I should. I know my Ipad does Facetime. That would be fun!! But I'm afraid I wouldn't get anything done!
I love the In The Meadow BOM. But man that looks like a lot of work. Have fun!!

Robin said...

Yay for design walls! They truly are handy. And how cool that you were able to do a virtual sewing bee. What a treat! :)

I've been itching to sign up for a BOM of some kind. Heaven knows I don't need a new project, but there are some really nifty ones that seem to be calling me... :P