Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nearly Insane.... Block 70

This bad boy had 53 pieces. Did I mention I am making 2 blocks each? Yes, I am nearly insane. The other quit will be for my friend Colleen. I need to have her put next weeks block fabrics together. This one looks a little busy.


Kristie said...

Your block is beautiful!!! 2 quilt?? Oh my, you are a brave lady!!!! I finished mine for the week, too.

Anonymous said...

Two quilts! hmmm. Maybe I will have to call you insane. :)

Your block is beautiful.

Are you making the second quilt in the same colours?

Yvette said...

Thanks Kirstie & C.J.

Yes, I am making them exactly the same. It is easier that way.

Karene said...

NEARLY !!! More like COMPLETELY !!!

Joy said...

Wow! You are ambitious!! TWO quilts!!

Yep, nearly insane.... but oh those are so beautiful!


Colleen said...

beautiful - i can't believe there are so many tiny pieces. yikes!

luckily, i'm the recipient of the
2nd quilt and can't wait for it to be finished.

i love, love, love this quilt.