Sunday, September 21, 2008

D-6 Challenge & D-11 Snow Crystal

Joy was wondering what my Dear Jane virtual design wall looked like so I thought I would post the most recent view. YIKES! There are still so many blocks to make.

D-11 - Snow Crystal = I made this Friday night after work.

D-11 - Challenge. I had already made this before I joined Anina's group. I was so happy she chose one that I had already done. I was suffering from a major time shortage this weekend.



Anina said...

Pretty! I love seeing your progress on your quilt wall.

Joy said...

Wow! you have made a lot of progress! I love the virtual design wall!

Very nice! (perhaps someone will design one of those for the Nearly Insane quilt! that's a really cool tool....)

As usual, you are doing a beautiful job!!