Sunday, July 27, 2008

Will I every catch up?

I managed to make 7 more Dear Jane blocks this weekend. I have 9 more to go to catch up with Anina's Blog.

I was really intimidated by this triangle but it turned out to be one of the easier blocks I have made, thanks to Anina's tutorial.

This is probably the 4th attempt at this block. I am still not happy with it but I refuse to make it again.
This is the 3rd and final attempt at this block. Again, I am not happy with it but I will not make another one.
This one had set in seams but Anina had a nice tutorial on this one too.
This one also has a nice tutorial.
I paper pieced the center of this block and rotary cut the rest. I actually did the math!


Joy said...

Somebody has been working VERY HARD!! You made great strides this weekend....despite a few distractions (Long Beach International Quilt Show!!)

Beautiful work! You will be caught up before you know it! (which could be helpful if we do indeed start another BOM!!! teehee!)

Wishing you a great week!

Anina said...

But you've made so many blocks we haven't made! I love them!

Anonymous said...

I love your blocks. You've really been putting in a great effort catching up. I bet you can't wait until one of your 'extra' blocks is picked and you can have a rest.

I love your affairs of the heart blocks. They're one my I wanna list.

Where do you find all your BOMs? More importantly, where do you find the time to make all your blocks?