Sunday, June 8, 2008

Too Much Time On My Hands

I went to Saturday Sampler to pick up my BOM yesterday. I was able to cut it last night and sew it this morning. This is last months "Stars In The Garden" that I had to re-do. I was much more careful this time around.

Here is June's "Be Attitudes" BOM. I still have to embroider eyes, glasses and hair. That will have to wait until I practice some hand stitching.

This is the "Midnight Garden" BOM for June
Here is the BOM from hell. It has a total of 225 pieces. I started the black version but I just didn't have it in me to finish it. If I had known how time consuming and frustrating this quilt was going to be I would have thought twice about starting it. MUST finish! MUST finish!
These are the 2 "wildflower Sampler" BOM's. Four more blocks and then the fun of the Applique will begin.


Karene said...

Nice, Nice, Nice !!! And, by the way, I GOT MY SATURDAY SAMPLER DONE TOO...ha,ha,ha!!!! I can't wait for you to finish the Midnight Garden one so I can get that pattern from you. I love it so much !!! Awesome !!


Joy said...

As usual, I am intimidated and inspired!

Beautiful work! Your projects are amazing. My jaw dropped when I read about the BOM with 225 pieces.

Thatsalotta pieces. I would need a drinkie-poo to even contemplate it seriously. And I don't drink.


Still loving that Be-Attitudes, and still convinced I will not live long enough to make a Dear Jane....but I'm sure enjoying watching yours grow! You Rock!

Love and hugs!