Sunday, April 13, 2008

More BOM fun!

Here are April's "Wildflower Sampler" blocks for April.

My Dear Jane is progressing a block at a time. It's fun to put it on the chart to see how far I have come. In 5 yrs this should be completed. LOL!

I practiced my new applique skills on this. I used double freezer paper method.

This one was also the double freezer paper method.

This one was pieced traditionally.
This one was paper pieced.
This was also paper pieced. You can't beat the precision of paper piecing but it is definately not my favorite method of piecing.

Here is April's "Out Of The Darkness" block

Here is April's "Stars in the Garden" blocks

Here is my newest BOM. It is called "Vintage Valentine". This is March's block. I am in the progress of April's block and should have it done by the end of the week. This is all hand applique using the double freezer paper method.

This the the "Be Attitudes" April block. The only thing left 2 do is the eyes. I used a method I learned at class last Friday to make the nose. I used a satin stitch that I get making larger with each stitch.

Here is my BOM from Leah's. Thank you Karene for picking it up for me. :) I changed the center block to green instead of the red sunflower that the pattern had. Thanks again to Karene for suggesting this.
This is April's "Lilibette's Garden block. This series has some great piecing tricks.
Here is the "Midnight Garden" block for April.
This is the white version of the Out of the Darkness that was posted above. It is called "New Beginning"


Joy said...

I am once again just in awe! I am also full of questions!

I will save my questions for the next time we get together!! Otherwise, my comment would take way too long!

Everything is sew pretty....But in particular, I LOVE this month's Out Of Darkness block, and the Be-Attitudes is sew cute! The Vintage Valentine is gorgeous....

You do such beautiful handwork.....Applause!!! Applause!!!

Wishing you a smooth (short) week with quick commutes and lots of applique time!!


Karene said...

WHAT CAN I SAY !!!! SEW BEAUTIFUL !!! GORGEOUS !!! STUNNING!!! SPECTACULAR !!! Bravo, my friend, Bravo. I just can't even describe all the words. I'm SEW jealous. I want more time to sew. I like the Sat. Sampler block too. I bought another one today at class because I screwed mine up somehow, measuring only 12inches instead of 12.5, like my first one. I'll try a scant 1/4". So, what's this double freezer method???????????????

Jackie said...

HI! I'm Joy's sister in SC - love your beautiful quilting!! Like Karene, I want to know more about the double freezer paper! Thanks for putting your handiwork where we can see it and be inspired!